Cowboy Mounted Shooting World Champion Matt Sronce to perform before “Kid Rock” at Rodeo Houston!

Feb 5, 2016

Plans are still unfolding but we are honored to have Matt Sronce, Olathe Boot Company Endorser as one of the exhibitors at the Houston Rodeo prior to the “Kid Rock” concert on March 15, 2016. He will be running a rifle pattern in front of 68,000 people. Matt is certainly qualified since he is the current AQHA World Open Champion and a 5 time CMSA World Rifle Champion!

Matt resides in the small town of Westhoff, Texas, which is approximately 1 hr east of San Antonio

In Westhoff, Matt, alongside his parents, manage a large cattle operation which covers approximately 26,000 acres. Many of the shooting horses are put to work on this ranch, helping out in all the ranch chores of gathering, roping and sorting. Matt has spent a lifetime with horses, he has shown horses his whole life, focusing on ranch and reining horse competitions throughout the country.

Matt Sronce is the 2007 CMSA World Champion and a three-time CMSA National Champion. He is also a past CMSA World Record holder. He claims titles from all of the CMSA's Big 4 Championships. Matt has also excelled in Rifle competition and has won his fourth back-to-back World Rifle in 2008. Matt Sronce also acts as Rifle Chairman of the CMSA Rifle Committee, and is also an advisory board member for 'Western Horseman' magazine.

Check out his website for more info: MATT SRONCE ONLINE

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