1. Can I order directly from Olathe Boot Company?
    You can order any Olathe Boot through any of our retailers. We do not sell directly to the public.
  2. Do you offer Sponsorship or Donations?
    We support several charities and sponsor several professional rodeo athletes and music artists. If you wish to inquire about either, please contact us with the form on the Contact Us section of this site.
  3. What if I cannot find a retailer in my area?
    Most of our retailers would be happy to take an order over the phone or by email.
  4. Is there a warranty on my Olathe Boots?
    We do not offer a universal warranty. However, if you feel that the quality and construction of the boot is lacking please send them back to us for evaluation so that we can assist you with either repairing or replacing them. See the recrafting section for more information.
  5. What is a Spur Rest?
    The Spur Rest on our boots is there for a reason. When you wear a pair of spurs correctly the spur band should fit squarely on top of the edge of the heel not only on the back but the sides as well. 
  6. How long will my boots last?
    If they are taken care of they can last for many years and be there for many great memories. Here is information on how to care for your Olathe Boots. 

Caring for Your Olathe Boots

  1. Keep them clean!
    Regularly clean your boots with a good non-alkaline leather cleaner (like Lexol Leather Cleaner). Use a soft cloth and rinse with water. DO NOT USE SADDLE SOAP, it will dry out the hide.  
  2. Condition your boots.
    Boot leather needs to have its natural moisture restored often with a good conditioner (like Lexol in the BROWN BOTTLE). Wax and polish is NOT a substitute for conditioner. Never condition boots prior to cleaning.
  3. Keep boots away from direct heat.
    When your boots get wet the best way to dry your boots is to walk them dry. They may also be air dried away from all heat sources. DO NOT put them in front of a heater or dry them with a hair drier or blow torch. Yes, we said blow torch. You should see some of the things that we have been asked to fix. 

How Should an Olathe Boot Fit?

You should have to stand and give a firm pull to get the boot on, if top (throat) size is correct.

Olathe Boots Fitment 1

After the boot is on your foot, the fit around the instep should be snug, but not tight.

Olathe Boots Fitment 2

The ball (widest part) of the foot should fit in the widest part of the boot.

Olathe Boots Fitment 3